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Wherever I go in the world, if I have to spell my last name the reaction is the same:

“oh like Jean-Claude van Damme, the fighter!”.


Actually it is not the same as my name is spelled “van Dam”, but that is not the point. Hollywood moviestars are global and I try to make use of that by jokingly threatening to call “my brother Jean-Claude” if they do not offer me a good price for the rental-car, hotel or airline ticket.
It is not that everybody loves Jean-Claude’s movies, but they at least saw parts of it or heard of him.
In software there are a few global brands that everybody knows if not has used the products: Apple, Microsoft, Google, IBM, Facebook and Twitter just to name a few. The rest of us in the software industry has to prove what we are worth and be convincing in every presentation or sales conversation. What surprises me is that sometimes even if they are impressed and very happy about the quality and price, they almost cannot believe our proposal to be true. “how come I now pay X for SAP or Dynamics and you offer me a solution for X/10 or X/100, with more flexibility? There must be a catch”.
There is no catch, but we are not as well known as Jean-Claude or our national soccer players. It is hard to grasp that a lot of the software that used to cost from 100K to 1M Euros is now available for a fraction of these amounts through (commercial) open source offerings. At BillingHouse we know very well what is available and our vast experience with software development and integration projects allows us to create complete working solutions that disrupt the dominance of the large companies.

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