The BillingHouse team has around 30 men and women between the age of 20 and 60 with different backgrounds, education, experience and (technical) expertise, culture and interests. We have people with fewer than 5 years of experience but also people with more than 30 years of software engineering experience.

Another fun fact: our team comes from 10 different countries: the Netherlands, Romania, Brazil, Iran, Peru, Turkey, Great Britain and India. A nice global mix is what we call it.

Our technology stack is: Java, Erlang, Spring, jOOQ, Hibernate, Drools, Maven, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Docker, JavaScript, React(-native) and we use larger (open source) components like OptaPlanner, jBilling, temporal, Postgres, MySQL/MariaDB, Mnesia, RabbitMQ, Prometheus, Crafter CMS and Shopizer e-commerce. We support hosting on Google Cloud, Azure, AWS and ‘owned’ data centres. We are constantly looking to further automate and optimize our development pipeline, for instance by using model driven tools like xText and jHipster. The development pipeline is fully cloud based so you can work from anywhere on the planet and participate in our teams.

And yes, of course, in our tech-company we talk a lot about the job, new technology, games and the latest sci-fi books and films, but also about food/cooking, pets (especially cats), horses, sports and travel. We noticed we have broad interests as a group and that is fun.

We have become a strong team, we help each other, learn from each other and are proud of what we deliver, every day..

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