The BillingHouse Management TEAM

eMagine Reality is the holding company for BillingHouse and Nazza. Each member of the management team of eMagine has more than 30 years of experience in the software industry:

Maarten van Vliet
Maarten van Vliet (1965), CEO of eMagine Reality, started in the mobile technology business and has his roots in technical software engineering. After studying Technical Computer Science at Delft Technical University, his first job experience was developing UNIX systems. He soon switched to BSO and Philips, working on telecommunication systems in the ‘90s. The main topics after that period remained telecommunications and management. In various management positions he has been responsible for important projects. One of those projects was the product specification of the OV chipcard (public transport in the Netherlands). He also successfully delivered large projects for improving service delivery at KPN (the biggest telecommunication company in the Netherlands). Maarten: “I would like to be the interlocutor for our customers and not only for IT related topics but also for discussing possible business models and ideas for new ventures.”

Gerke Henkes
Gerke Henkes (1965) is responsible at eMagine Reality for the structural solutions at the core of the platforms and plays an important role as organiser and manager. After his study at Delft Technical University in Technical Computer Science he started as an entrepreneur in education for software developers. He also engaged in various consultancy projects and started the training institute Guidance Netherlands. He sold this company and started working at NCIM Group, mentoring professionals. After NCIM he worked at ANWB, starting as Manager Software Development and then as Manager Infrastructure. In that last capacity he was responsible for all business applications for Road Assistance. Gerke: “That was a role where customer centricity is key. I see the same at eMagine Reality. I can really enjoy great and creative ideas we see here. In the end we are responsible for a fully working solution and I see that as my main contribution.”

Jim van Dam
Jim van Dam (1964) is the specialist in software development, integration and applying the latest relevant technology at eMagine Reality. He studied at Delft Technical University where he graduated in the combination of artificial intelligence and software development. After his study he worked as a consultant in Document and Workflow Management, Artificial Intelligence and software factories. Jim is constantly looking for ways to improve the productivity of software development. He is an expert in model driven development and co-founded a company that delivered model based tools to banking and insurance companies, which was sold to Ordina. Jim: “My role as CTO of BillingHouse is about finding or developing the right technical components. By combining open source components and adhering to the Single-Responsibility-Principle we are able to provide a flexible and powerful platform without vendor lock-in. The in-house developed plugins and components for real-time pricing and business rules allow our customers to do more themselves without needing the IT department.”

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